Warning – what you’re about to see on this post is bad.  Bad pictures.  Well, I should clarify – badly taken pictures (it’s not THAT kind of blog you know..)  I started this blog for a bunch of different reasons, tracking my progress as I learn the ins & out of my camera being one of them. So I feel obliged to share the ugly, in full hope that one day I will look back and wonder how is it I couldn’t have known <insert vast amount of photo knowledge here>!

Here’s what currently mystifies me – how do I enter a crowded area, look at something & enjoy it in the present moment, then at the same time, figure out what camera settings I should be on & get a good shot?  Think museums.  History museums with the Stanley Cup & 8 other amazing hockey trophies on display, to be specific.  Think sporting events.  The final few games at Mellon Arena before she’s demolished & replaced by a newer shiner establishment, that is.

Both are examples of events that I recently attended, fully wanting to enjoy the experience in the moment, but at the same time hoping to capture the occasion on film.  I ended up confused. My camera ended up on AUTO.  I chalk it up to experience – as I learn more, hopefully I end up more comfortable with multitasking.  Until then, I will try not to feel discombobulation and shame for pressing that AUTO button, and instead enjoy the moment.  Because that’s the point, right?

1/60  f3.5  18mm  ISO 200 AUTO

1/60  f3.5  18mm  ISO 200  AUTO

Looking back now, a simple flick to turn the flash off would’ve been good, huh?  So tough though – clear display cases with people & other noise in the background.   This next one I took as a far away aerial shot on the steps, so I did have some time to think about what I wanted .. still not great though

1/60  f5.6  55mm  ISO200  P  EV2

These next ones are alright, but there’s obstructions in the pictures – such as the lamp posts/electric lines and netting.  I guess that’s where photoshop comes into play?

1/100 F9  22mm ISO200  A

1/60  f5  34mm   ISO400  A  EV1.3

1/10  F5  18mm  ISO400  A  EV1.3