Yesterday instead of doing my usual Wednesday lunch routine of heading to the gym for zumba class, I decided to mix things up.  Instead I grabbed my camera and bulldog and headed outside for a photography expedition.   Since I was on lunch I couldn’t go far, so I decided to finally snap some shots of the gorgeous flowers I nurtured through the frost and grew in my flowerbed.  Here’s some of my favorites –

1/500  f8  22mm  ISO100  Macro

I’m in awe of the color and detail, so pretty it almost looks fake.  It was a bright sunny day – are the colors too vivid?  Now that I look, the histogram mountain is on the far left for the above & below shots, hmm …

1/320  f8  32mm  ISO100  Macro

1/320  f8  24mm  ISO100  Macro

1/200  f11  34mm  ISO100  Macro

Barkley had enough, as evident in this last picture I took once we were finished and inside the house. The slobber on his head … oh my ..

1/20  f4.2  26mm  ISO400  Macro