I think we were all looking forward to lunch today, the 2nd scheduled outing for the Shutterbug Club.  Andy made arrangements for us to explore and shoot around Kaelin’s farm, which turned out to be a fantastic idea.  The owners were so welcoming to our amateur photography shenanigans, lunch was delicious, and there was such a beautiful selection of flowers – I will definitely be back!

We decided to shoot mostly with attention on depth of field.  I mainly stuck with Aperture priority, and I’m happy to say I’m becoming more comfortable with changing this setting on the fly.  It was a bright sunny day which presented some challenges with too much light – well you’ll see.  Here’s my picks from the day:

1/1000  f8  32mm  ISO200  A

1/60  f8  29mm  ISO100  Macro

1/200  f4.5  22mm  ISO200  A

1/400  f5  35mm  ISO200  A

1/100  f14  20mm  ISO200  A

This next shot I had some issues with light.  I was trying to create a depth of field shot, so I cranked the lens opening pretty wide – well as far as I could without my camera yelling at me (‘subject is too bright’ my so smart d3000 will display on the screen)

1/200  f6.3  48mm  ISO200  A

So how do I aim for the acclaimed perfect exposure?  Thinking through what I’ve learned this far, I reason I could try to underexpose the shot.

1/200  f6.3  48mm  ISO200  EV-5  A

I don’t notice much difference!  Hmm, fail.  And then shortly after I encounter the same issue again

1/200  f5.6  52mm ISO200  A

Again, was trying for the depth of field shot, but decided to narrow the lens opening this time, limiting the amount of light coming into the sensors.  Though I didn’t get the depth of field shot I set out for, the result is much better here than I got when tweaking the EV in that last one.

1/60  f25  55mm  ISO200  A

We lamented on the way home on how it’s easy to create settings for one shot then move onto another shot & forget to change the settings.  That’s exactly what happened here –

1/60  f25  22mm  ISO200  A

But it turned out to be a good accident.  I like the exposure on the above shot much better than the below one that I adjusted.  Lesson learned here – I thought to control the brightness of the shot, I should tweak the EV to over or underexpose.  But it seems I can accomplish the same – if not better – by shifting the lens opening.  Too bright:

1/200 f7.1  22mm  ISO200  A

And lastly, rather than crouching eye level to the flower as I’d been doing, I decided to go for an aerial

1/125  f11  40mm  ISO200  A