My brother invited me to take pictures of his inline hockey game today.  This was a new challenge for my amateur photography .. pictures in motion.  I figured this was the right time to tiptoe over to that S on the dial – shutter priority.  I did some reading beforehand and discovered 2 different methods for action shots:   panning and freezing motion.  I was weary when I headed out, but I think I got some good shots.

Panning is a technique where you move the camera parallel to, and at the same speed as, the action. This calls for a slow shutter speed.

1/20  f11  55mm  ISO200  S

1/20  f13  48mm  ISO200  S

Freezing motion is just that, no definition needed here.  This calls for a fast shutter speed.

1/100  f5.6  52mm  ISO200  S

1/80  f10  55mm  ISO200  S

My buddy Brooks lent me his fisheye lens earlier this week.  While I discovered there are challenges to using this lens- no zoom, oh, and make sure your finger isn’t in the shot – I still want one. Such a cool effect!  And just realized I left the settings on shutter priority .. whoops!

1/100  f8  10.5mm   ISO200  S

1/100  f8  10.5mm  ISO200  S