Shame on me, I’ve been meaning to post pictures from some recent photo expeditions!

Starting with a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  I had this romantic notion of strolling around the zoo with my camera, and all the animals would pose or do something fun when I came up to their habitat.  Well a few things stomped on those chakras: (1)  it was a crowded, crazy hot summer day (2) animals were not happy – see #1

In spite of that, at least the elephants came out to play –

1/200  f6.3  55mm  ISO100  A

1/200  f5.6  55mm  ISO100  A

1/200  f6.3  26mm  ISO100  A

There rest of the animals were too far away to produce any spectacular shots. Up until now, I had thought my lens was pretty decent – well now I’ve decided my first extra lens has to be a telephoto lens.  (Birthday gift, hint hint? 🙂 )

I took my camera and bully to the park over the weekend and got some fun shots. The sun was bright, it was around noon, so I probably shouldn’t have cranked the lens open as wide as I did – something I want to play with next time.

This next one is the current wallpaper on my iPhone.  A co-worker took a sideways glance and exclaimed, Wow that’s a really big cow!  Oh, wait, that’s your dog ..

1/2000  f4.5  18mm  ISO200  A

1/2000  f4.5  18mm  ISO200  A

1/1250  f5.6  18mm  ISO200  A

1/2000  f7.1  18mm  ISO200  A