I seem to gravitate towards taking pictures of 1 of 2 things – nature or animals.  When my mom asked if I’d go with her to the local conservatory to check out the gargoyle exhibit, I was definitely interested.  I’m not sure if gargoyles are considered animals or not, but they were pretty interesting to photograph. I took a bunch of shots, but here’s my favorites from the day –

1/1600  f6.3  30mm  ISO200  A

1/80  f5.6  35mm ISO200  A

1/125  f4.5  29mm  ISO100  MACRO

1/60  f8  29mm  ISO100  MACRO

1/125  f5.6  55mm  ISO100  MACRO

1/160  f5  26mm  ISO200 A

1/200  f5  38mm  ISO200 A

1/200  f5  32mm  ISO200 A

1/60  f5  22mm  ISO200  A

1/60  f3.5  18mm  ISO220  MACRO