Figuring it was time to accessorize my camera, I ordered an inexpensive, portable tripod.  Much to my joy, it arrived just in time for downtown’s light-up night.  The skyline at night was the perfect opportunity to experiment with both my new tripod and the shutter priority setting, which I’ve been wanting to do.

10  f16  26mm  ISO200  S

4  f11  35mm  ISO200 S

My trusty photocaddy app recommended a shutter speed of 30 seconds – I didn’t really see a difference between a shutter speed of 30 & 10 though. Next time I’ll want to take more comparative shots and play with different shutter speeds, I think I was focused more on the tripod and trying to see different shots in the dark.  I also would like to play with the focus – I’m kind of bummed that the sponsors on the buildings are not in focus.  But not bad for my first round.