We woke this morning to a very peaceful sight – flurries falling from the sky!  My trusty photo assistant and I decided to bundle up. head into the backyard and try to capture some snowflakes on film.  I think he’s trying to tell me that he found some in this picture

1/125  f5  18mm  ISO200 S

But how do you photograph a snowflake??  My rationale led me to put the camera on shutter priority with a quick shutter speed, reasoning those little buggers fall pretty fast.  Through trial and error I also discovered that I’d need a solid background to be able to capture the tiny white speckle.  Can you find the snowflake in these pictures?

1/125  f5  34mm  ISO200 S

1/125  f6.3  28mm  ISO200 S

The good news is I will have many more opportunities for practice between now and March – and that makes someone happy, as demonstrated by his “celebration”

1/125  f5.6  34mm  ISO200  S