Ignoring abuse from fellow co-workers lunching (and NOT in the exclusive shutterbug club, might I add), we began our walk in the cafeteria at the company Christmas tree.  Andy guided us on this cool shooting technique for the tree lights – put the camera on manual focus, and purposely put the shot out of focus.  But I am apparently standing too close, seems the camera is still trying to focus here –

1/8  f5.6  26mm  ISO200 A

So we stepped back a bit, and instead zoomed in.  This is the effect we were after –

1/5  f5.6  55mm  ISO200  A

This is the first I really played with manual focusing my shots – I like it!  (As you can see in this next shot ..  I think I remember reading that you shouldn’t hold the lens while taking a picture.  I’ll pretend it was intentional to demonstrate my newfound affection for manual focusing)

1/13  f5.6  50mm  ISO200 A

Next post-worthy pictures were taken of Paul’s model cars, which we staged outside the data center room. Nothing special about this next pic, I’m just amused that when you visit our data center, these guys greet you –

1/8  f5.0  26mm  ISO200 A

I shot on aperture priority, rather than macro, and am happy with these next 2 shots

.4  f13  32mm  ISO200  A

1/4  f13  32mm  ISO200  A

At which concludes another successful & entertaining shutterbug club meet!