If you’re on my Christmas card list this year – spoiler alert!

My 79 lb bully needed exercise and I needed a photo for the family Christmas card.  Multi-tasking comes second nature to me (shout out to all those years working as a waitress), so to the backyard we went.  I wanted to capture Barkley’s love for the cold and snow – did I succeed?  Here’s the shot that will grace the card cover:

1/40  f5.3  46mm  ISO200 S

Don’t let his size fool you – he moves fast when he wants to.  Short bursts of speed at least.  So I chose shutter priority to shoot with.  I also purposely went out in the evening right before the sun was setting over the hill in attempts to catch softer light.  I didn’t play with the settings much past that – and probably won’t until I invest in a good pair of gloves to shoot outside with, it was cold!  Here’s the rest of my favorites:

1/40  f6.3  32mm  ISO200  S

1/40  f5.6  52mm ISO200  S

1/40  f5.3  38mm  ISO200 S

1/40  f5.6  52mm  ISO200 S

1/40  f4.8  32mm  ISO200 S