I have an AUTO failure to report!  Well, if I’m being honest, a couple actually …

It all started at my friend’s holiday party a week or so ago.  My friend did such an amazing job with the prep for the party, so I wanted to snap some pictures of the event for her.  I ran into some troubles however –

(1)  Lighting was a beast!  Could not figure out proper settings for the camera.  And when I finally did, they weren’t applicable again for the next shot … unless I took all the pictures in the same spot, which at a party, is near impossible
(2)  There were old friends that wanted to chat (and I with them).  Though I boasted about multi-tasking skills in my last post, my brain has yet to discover a way to carry a conversation while figuring out what aperture setting my camera should be on.
(3)  My lens was aimed at people.  Notice I’ve been practicing mostly on mother nature and bulldogs – they can’t express frustration when I spend 3 minutes to figure out the proper setting, or take multiple shots to get there.  Nor do you have to approach them and ask if they’re alright with you taking their picture.

I ended up with FOUR pictures of the party.  Not ideal.  Determined not to let the same thing happen at Christmas family festivities, I threw the dial on AUTO, snapped away and was rewarded with a bunch of fantastic family photos.  But, is that really a failure? Trying to capture all the activities of a party at once and not missing any action – is it really a crime to shoot on AUTO?

I’ll leave you with some favorite shots of holiday decor I took – after the party cleared from my house!

1/200  f4  20mm  ISO200  A

1/20  f3.5  18mm  ISO200 A

1/40  f4  18mm  ISO200 A

And finally, I dare you to resist a smile after looking at this last picture

1/10  f5  35mm  ISO200 A