I consider this more of a result of the upcoming anniversary of my blog rather than a new year’s resolution.  After successfully posting for a year, I wanted some additional motivation and variety.

Enter the Weekly Photo Challenge {2011 Edition}

I found it from a comment left on my blog (thanks Brooke!)  I like it for it’s weekly time frame, creative motivation, and possibility to meet other photo bloggers.  So the dSLR newbie flickr photostream was created. I joined the shutterboo WPC group pool and started shooting.

Week 1 has already come and gone – the topic to kick off the challenge was ‘electricity’.  Starting off rather literal, my first submission was this lightbulb.  I played with different white balance settings and ended up happy with the glow of “sunshine” the best.

1/25  f22  18mm  ISO200 P*

Looking forward to the challenge and sharing my journey along the way.  Interested in participating?  I encourage you to grab your camera, get the creative juices flowing, and sign up too!