Admittedly, I had a photo already in mind when I saw this week’s photo challenge topic, Joy.  I figure it’s not against the rules to go and set up my own shot .. for me, the whole point of this challenge is to get out to take pictures.  And it’s working:  it’s been a hectic 2 weeks in my world, and without this challenge, I wouldn’t have even thought of lifting my camera.

So who better to spread joy than my 80 lb bulldog who pants (mind you, the dog equivalent of sweating) in the snow.  This, to me and him, screams joy, and shall be my official entry for week #2:

1/400  f13  18mm  ISO200  EV-1  P

A few other favorites from the photo session this past Saturday –

1/400  f13  18mm  ISO200 EV-1  P

1/320  f11  32mm  ISO200 P

And some “runner up” joy shots I took tonight.  Nuzzled in the couch with my favorite blanket, husband, and dog is one of the simplest forms of joy and quite often the best part of my day

1/5  f4.8  32mm  ISO200 P

1/6  f4  22mm  ISO200 P

And anyone with a dog will understand this next shot (we of course eventually invited him up, he’s snoring next to me as I type)

.4  f4.8  32mm  ISO200 P

Here’s wishing you lots of JOY this week!