1/13  f4.2  26mm  ISO200  S

This really is the world’s best dog;  he’s humored my photography hobby more than I can thank him for. I could have quit right here, but I felt like going on a photo expedition.  “Bitterly cold” is how the weather channel described today’s forecast in my area – so an indoor field trip was necessary (besides the fact that my outdoor color options this time of year are either white or grey).  I’ve never been to the local aviary, but always thought it would provide a great photo expedition.  So today my husband and I went bird watching. Specifically, I was on the hunt for a big, fluffy, rainbow colored parrot.

And I found him .. behind glass unfortunately.

1/40  f5.6  55mm  ISO100 A

I used the trick I learned from my last museum photo expedition, and put my camera lens directly against the glass before snapping the shot.  This eliminated the reflection, but I was limited to how close I could get to the bird.  My zoom is at it’s max here, and this picture was definitely cropped post-processing.  But I worked with what I had.  This was my favorite colorful shot of the trip and will be my submission for this week’s challenge.

Also, consulting my photo apps (PhotoCaddy and Nikon L&E) before my visit, I learned I should shoot on aperture priority with the lowest f number I could to blur the background.  Focus on the bird’s eyes. And be patient.  Here’s some other favorite shots I got from following that advice-

1/30  f5.6  55mm  ISO100  A

1/125  f5.6  55mm  ISO100 A

Another one from behind glass –

1/50  f5.6  50mm  ISO100  A

This next one is probably my favorite one from the day.  I just like the composition of the photo.  And the blue parrot just looks so mischievous to me –

1/80  f5.6  42mm  ISO100 A