1/20  f3.5  18mm  ISO200 P

What better way to demonstrate repetition than an office cube farm?  And, as luck would have it, I just so happen to spend most of my day in one!  Granted, it’s housed in a brand new LEED certified building … and I have a much coveted window cube … so I’ll stop my subtle sarcasm now ..

The problem with the subject this week is that repetition, by design, is not that interesting.  So I set out to challenge myself make something not interesting, well, interesting.  I found that taking a shot from an unexpected angle yielded more interesting results than a picture straight on.  For this shot, I laid on the floor in the sniper position (special thanks to Andy for “spotting” me) –

1/60  f4  18mm  ISO200 P

This next one I sat the camera on the floor and angled up for the shot –

1/60  f4  18mm  ISO200 P

There was a shot I had in mind though that I wanted to create, which I thought of before I even got to work.  I reasoned I would need to add interest to the cube walls, so I wanted a person in the shot.  But I didn’t want the person to be the focal point … so enter tripod, moving subject, and slow shutter speed –

.769  f18  18mm  ISO200 P*

Love it when a plan comes together.  There’s all sorts of visual repetition going on here, and then the unspoken repetition of walking the office hall with important document in hand.  This last one is my submission for the week.

What is it you say you DO here?  I take the specifications from the customers, and bring them down to the software engineers.  (Yes, I actually am a people person)