photo credit – my husband

This shot isn’t posed for this week’s photo challenge;  it’s the actual look on my face as I rounded the bend and once again, almost lost my balance.   I consider myself pretty athletic, so I’m not an awful ice skater – I just haven’t learned how to stop yet (without the aid of the boards that is).  So what would possess me to lace up … with camera in tow … ?

photo credit – husband again, best photo assistant ever!

Fear.  Rather, conquering a fear of not only biting it, but taking my camera down with me.  However, a month or 2 ago I bought this fantastic bag for such adventures, and have been meaning to use it. (side note – now love the bag!) Plus my husband and I have winter cabin fever, and needed to get outside today.

But that’s just 1/2 of the story for this week’s challenge.  The real photo came when I decided to approach a (wait for it – not a bulldog or flower) .. person!  And ask to photograph them.  Not something I am super comfortable doing, but want to work on.  So rather than take a photo of “fear” this week, the fear is actually behind the scenes.

Most days there are girls practicing figure skating in the middle of the rink – luckily today I found one.  So I skated up to her (really, I couldn’t have tried to find a person on land?), camera in hand, and started talking.  I explained to her I thought she was really good and that I was trying to capture skaters in motion … you can say no, but would you mind if I took your picture?  She was a really good sport and agreed, though she looked a bit hesitant of the lady in the funny hat and camera talking to her.  Can’t blame her.

I didn’t really have much time to think – I just started snapping as she moved.  It was challenging. There were other skaters everywhere;  she was moving and I was trying to keep up following her;  oh, and I didn’t want to fall.  I also didn’t want to take too much of her time, so I probably only got 10 shots or so. My favorite of the batch here –

1/60  f20  46mm  ISO100  S

Luckily I decided my camera settings before I approached her – shutter priority, low ISO, and sunny white balance to account for the bright day.

I wouldn’t say I conquered my fear of asking strangers to photograph them, but practice makes perfect, and hopefully it gets more natural and easier each time.  Maybe next time I’ll try it in tennis shoes.