1/640  f4  18mm  ISO800  P

While working from home today, my eyes fell upon the 3 blank canvases that I had just prepped a week prior.  I couldn’t help but notice how … white they were.  In that instant I decided that I had found my subject for this week’s photo challenge.

I had to adjust my surrounding area to get the light source that worked.  I thought the sun beaming into the windows would be good enough.  But after I setup the area and snapped the first shot, here was my result –

1/125  f4.2  26mm  ISO400  P

So I needed to work on the windows .. I pulled the bamboo blinds up as far as they would go.  I then got a towel and covered the section of the window that was producing the direct sunlight on my canvas (note to husband: exception to my rule that towels should never be used as blinds, after college graduation).  I also increased my ISO and switched to manual focus, then tried a few different angles and shots

1/640  f4  18mm  ISO800 P

This next one is a contender for submission, but I’m going to go with the first picture on this post

1/50  f3.5  18mm  ISO400  P

And what would a photo shoot be without my lovable bulldog.  Evidently angry at the fact that I was taking photos of the canvases, and not paying attention to him

1/640  f4  22mm  ISO800

Wondering what I planned to do with these canvases?  I vaguely remember seeing an episode of HGTV’s Design on a Dime where Kahi Lee created paintings using a potato stamp.  This could be one of those ideas that doesn’t translate from my head to real life properly, but I want to make a potato stamp of the apple computer logo and stamp the canvases with rainbow colors.  But aside from a few google searches, I’m flying blind here, so any tips on how to create my masterpiece are welcome.  Wish me luck!