Happy to report the blank canvases from my last post are blank no longer:

1/50  f3.5  18mm  ISO400 P

I finally did get the potato stamp to work!  Read along to see how it was achieved.

To start I cut a large potato in half, making sure the cut was straight and even.  Then I attached my stencil (“backwards”, since when you stamp it’s the inverse)- a cutout of the Apple computer logo sticker:

1/25  f3.8  22mm  ISO200 P

Next, using a paring knife, I cut the area out around the stencil .. just enough to make sure the apple logo was risen off the potato, maybe a 1/4″:

1/30  f3.8  22mm  ISO400 P

Then I took my paint and applied it to the “stamp” (busted, I didn’t feel like mixing grey so I used color sample wall paint!  They yellow is acrylic though)

1/25  f4.5  28mm  ISO400 P

And finally I just stamped the canvas

1/30  f4  24mm  ISO400 P

Repeated a couple dozen times at random, and resulted in this work of art which will be displayed in my home office.  I’m planning to paint the walls grey (and accessorize in yellow), so I’m hoping these canvases will pop against that backdrop.

1/50  f4  22mm  ISO400  P

Not surprisingly, I had some help.  And I can never resist snapping pictures of him. Just look at that toothy grin

1/25  f5  34mm  ISO400 P

That’s slobber on his head, not paint I swear.  It wasn’t long though before he grew tired of the project and commenced his other favorite hobby

1/13  f4.5  30mm  ISO400 P