1/20  f4.8  32mm  ISO400 A

I did it again – I photographed a stranger!  I think the secret to success is to try and do it in a comfy setting.  I mean, have you ever met a barista that wasn’t friendly and helpful?

For this week’s challenge, I had a particular shot I was after.  Large translated in my mind as a “venti” from my favorite coffee shop.  Taking it a step further, I wanted to get a shot of the barista handing me the drink, with a rocking depth of field to boot.

I somewhat achieved that in the picture above.  But after I took the shot, I noticed her arm reflection in the expresso machine, and tried a different angle.  This one is almost exactly what I was after, but I didn’t get the cup in focus! (was shooting on manual focus, thinking it would better my chances of getting the DOF I was after..)

1/10  f4.8  32mm  ISO400 A

I was only able to get one more shot in before more customers walked in the door and called the barista back to her duties.  The focus is unfortunately wrong here too

1/10  f4.8  32mm  ISO400 A

I’m most happy with the focus in the very first shot – on the coffee cup and her hand – so that’ll be my submission for the week.

And as it turns out, the other barista behind the counter shared in my hobby.  He referred me to a local photo group, and gave me some extra props to help me portray “large” in a picture.

1/60  f4  18mm  ISO400 P

1/100  f3.5  18mm  ISO400 A

Lots of lessons learned, and I got to enjoy a scrumptious hot chocolate after work – not a bad photo expedition!