This was a tough one.  I brought along my camera several times when I went out these past few days, but couldn’t find a fun ‘mess’ to capture.  So I looked around the house – but my modern, minimalist style didn’t bode many possibilities either (I know, not much pity there).  However, there is a certain someone that manages to consistently slop up the perimeter around him. Specifically with his jowls.  Or, as we refer to it, his “moosh”

1/80  f4.5  20mm  ISO400 P

Simply put, the bulldog moosh is amazing.  It can store a vast amount of treats in it.  When shaken, it can fling slobber as high as the ceiling or as far as the room across the house.  And when combined with this seemingly innocent circular object …

1/40  f4.5  28mm  ISO400 P

… the bulldog moosh turns into a weapon of mess destruction:

1/125  f3.5  18mm ISO800 S

My mess shot for the week, taken on shutter priority with a fast shutter speed and high ISO.  I was constricted with the angle and amount of light here, I wish the shot had better exposure and wasn’t as grainy.  But I caught the water dripping and that is what I was after at the very least.  Any tips for improvement are welcome … on the photography, not bulldog.  I accept and love him for what he is 🙂