A happy accident.  That’s how this week’s shot for the photo challenge came about.  I brought along my camera when I went to Saturday’s hockey game – not because I had a grand idea for this week’s theme of ‘curves’.  But when we pulled into the parking lot, I looked up and there she was:  the curviest building I almost forgot I’ve ever seen. And, as of just this year, the former home of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

1/320  f11  44mm  ISO100  A

The Civic Arena, aka “the Igloo”.  Built in 1961 for the Pittsburgh Civic Light Opera, the roof actually retracted. The Penguins played here from 1967 – 2010.  But this is now their home:

1/100  f11  18mm  ISO100 A

The fate of the Civic Arena is unknown.  So what a great time to capture the building on film.  A quick look at my PhotoCaddy app had me adjust my camera settings to aperture priority with an f-stop of 11 and ISO of 100.  I stood on the bumper of my Forester and aimed my camera up at the building.  Found myself wishing I had a wide angle lens, but tried to do the building justice with my kit lens.

Even after the photo shoot, we arrived early and I was able to snap some pictures of warm-ups again. Here’s some favorites:

1/250  f8  55mm  ISO800 P

1/400  f10  50mm ISO800 P

Despite the glare, I like the detail on this one

1/160  f6.3  32mm  ISO800 P

Hey Tanger turn around, she’s legal…

1/320  f9  55mm  ISO800 P

And finally the infamous cotton candy man, hard at work

1/100  f5.6  52mm  ISO800 P

Despite the loss the Penguins suffered (guess my camera is not good luck after all), my husband and I had an excellent time at this game.  And I learned I want a better lens.  Or two …