1/20  f1.8  50mm  ISO200 A

My townhome was built almost 3 years ago, and during the time my husband I got to make all kinds of fun important decisions together.  However, I missed the day the electrical outlets were marked and gave my husband full executive decision making powers. Opps.

I later came to find a phone outlet in the kitchen – not above the counter next to an electrical plug, where one would place say, a cordless phone – but on the middle end of one of the big long empty walls.  When prompted as to why, he explained that this is the spot the kitchen phone was in his house growing up, and he thought it would be cool to have the same in his own house one day.  And after hearing that story, I thought it was cool too – until he tried to put a cordless phone in the spot.  Wasn’t going to happen.

So to humor him, I searched for an antique looking wall phone, and found the perfect one.   I love the phone and the story behind it, so I chose it for this week’s photo challenge to represent “past”.  I even shot the photo using the lens that made me dizzy .  My photo submission for this week:

1/25  f1.8  50mm  ISO200 A

Oh and I’m still searching for a 10 ft long phone cable, to enable the phone to stretch into the closet for private conversations with your best friend.  Then this setup could be just like it was in high school 🙂