Green would’ve been a more fitting color for me this week.  A virus got the best of me and I’ve been down.  Wanting to take a break from my sleeping/movies/book marathon, I was looking forward to a big excursion to the drugstore where I could find not only more dayquil, but some purple candy to photograph. And I give you, purple:

1/50  f1.8  35mm  ISO400 A

Not too long ago I successfully created this self-made light box off of a super tutorial from our fearless photo challenge leader.

1/40  f1.7  35mm  ISO400 A

This is the first I’ve used it and  I look forward to playing with it more.  This time however I just threw the Peeps & grass in the box, took a few shots, & then called it a day.  Just as I’m about to do with this post.