My faithful photo assistant hasn’t had the spotlight here in awhile, so I set out for this week’s photo challenge with intent to capture him.  Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, so to the park we went.

I hoped to show movement with a shot of the bully in full trot with the background fuzzed.  So I went to shutter priority with a slow shutter & set myself up for panning.  I ran into problems though.

I apparently have a well trained dog.  We walk him off leash and he knows not to wander from his people.  To pan, you have to line yourself up parallel to the movement and move your camera with it.  So I would run ahead and no sooner than I set myself up, would he break the parallel and come running towards me!  Many failed shots, this is the best I could get:

1/40  f25  32mm  ISO100 S

Luckily, shortly up the trail, another opportunity presented itself:  the waterfall that I tried to capture over a year ago, but couldn’t figure out the settings.  Ready for round 2?

I climbed on the rocks to get close to the water.  Went to my camera’s program mode just to see what it would do on it’s own.

1/200  f7.1  28mm  ISO100 P

Yuck!  So I went back to shutter priority, with a slow shutter speed and tried for a steady hand.

1/40  f13  32mm  ISO100  S

Better.  How about a little slower?

1/6  f32  36mm  ISO100 S

Wonder if I could try for an even slower shutter speed?

1/3  f36  40mm  ISO100  S

That’s it!  But what if I zoomed out a bit?

1/3  f29  28mm  ISO100 S

That’s my favorite, and submission for this week.  Always awesome to go back and conquer something that gave you troubles.

Also, just for some perspective, I used the term ‘waterfall’ quite loosely ..  this was really just some water flowing off of a tiny creek.

1/3  f36  46mm  ISO100 S

But TLC never sang about creeks now, did they?