1/640  f3.5  18mm  ISO100  A

Simple – natural, uncluttered, straightforward, not difficult, modest.  For me, that’s a run.  The simplest form of exercise that does wonders for the body and, most importantly, the mind.  All you need are shoes and the pavement.  Anytime, anywhere.

I’ve come across pictures like this before, and wanted to give it a go myself.  So after my evening run I grabbed – first my water bottle, then – my camera, new remote control, and a towel.  I assessed the area and determined the best backdrop to be the line of pine trees, so I angled my shot towards them – set the towel down on the road, placed camera on top, then stood in front of the lens.  Loving the fact that I didn’t have to set the self-timer and dash, I clicked the remote button.  And voila, my shot for the weekly photo challenge.

By the way, the shoes look way too new right?  I just did my yearly running shoe replacement this weekend, and this was their first run.  Marathon runner I’m not – I ran maybe a mile tonight.  But, with the motivation of my husband/running partner, I will put many more miles on these and hope to get them in a few 5k’s this year.  So perfect photo op, since my goal is to make sure they never look this shiny white again!