1/80  f18  18mm  ISO100  A

I learned this week that 9 times out of 10 I can not pronounce the word ‘rural’.  Pittsburgh-ese sneaks in and the sound comes out something like “wura.”  And to further confuse my linguistic abilities, I chose to take some photos at an orchard.  Another word that just does not roll off of my tongue.

Ok, so next lesson learned – ask permission before wandering around photographing an orchard.  I think I felt comfortable because I visit this farm on a weekly basis (best and cheapest local fresh veggies!)  Add in the fact there was a scavenger hunt going on, so the grounds were mass chaos .. I figured that no one would even notice me. And they probably wouldn’t have, had I not kept voyaging up the orchard hill (darned that ambition to find a good shot).

On my way down, I was approached by a somewhat unhappy employee wanting to know if there was any reason for me photographing the grounds?  Oops.  Apologies and friendliness from my part, and some explanations on my amateur level photography & photo challenge assignment.  The employee’s weariness subsided and I made a friend who took me back up to the orchard where I learned some facts on apple trees. Here he’s showing me the blooms are almost ready:

1/400  f5.6  55mm  ISO100  A

I thanked my new friend and assured him that next time my camera and I visit, I’ll be sure to give him a heads up.

So here are the shots I got right before my memory card and camera just narrowly escaped confiscation (ok slight exaggeration). I noticed I’ve been playing with narrow depth of field alot lately, and wanted to get a landscape instead.  Prior to heading out I read this post from DPS for some tips, so I knew at the minimum, to look out for a focal point, be conscious of where the horizon is in the shot, and shoot with a large f #.

My first shot:

1/160  f16  18mm  ISO100 A

I liked it, but thought I could show more of those gorgeous clouds.  So I snapped again but “moved” the horizon lower

1/250  f16  18mm  ISO100 A

I like it.  And some sun flare!  But I noticed if I pivoted over to the right slightly, I could get some hay bales in the photo, along with more trees in the horizon:

1/200  f16  18mm  ISO100 A

I think I liked this better.  But the colors are a bit harsh.  In hindsight, I should have adjusted my white balance when taking the photo.  But I didn’t and instead played in iPhoto and bumped up the shadows and saturation, ending up with this and my submission for this week’s photo challenge:

1/100  f22  18mm  ISO100

In terms of landscapes, I’m not sure which is better  – #1, 2, 3 or 4?  I like the exaggerated coloring, but is it too much saturation in the final photo?  Too many focal points here?

Regardless, there you have it. My [roor-uhl] picture taken at an [awr-cherd].