This week my other hobbies took precedence over photography during my free time.  I planted a few containers full of crazy happy ferns for my deck.  I bought into the hype and downloaded ‘something borrowed’ to my kindle.  And as I type this, I’m acutely aware that Chuck is slowly queuing up on the dvr.

On top of all that, red is possibly my least favorite color.  Favorite wine definitely – but my camera did not make the date when I was enjoying a glass over the weekend.  So I still need something to photograph.  A quick look around my house confirmed above statement of color preference. So I stepped outside. Outside of my red brick house:

1/160  f3.5  18mm  ISO100  A

I took a few shots, played with orientation & angles, and ended up satisfied enough with this one.  I didn’t really challenge myself, but you’ll occasionally have that when you sign up to take a photo a week for a year, right?  Now off to some guilty pleasure reading.  Or my favorite spy/nerd tv show.  Or maybe both …