** Be warned, this one is completely random.  Perhaps expected though, when prompted with a word like ‘artificial’ for the weekly photo challenge **

While running some errands over the weekend, we ended up in the party store and came across this gem.

He looks thrilled to be wearing this fake (dare I say, ‘artificial’) mustache, does he not?  I was sold, so I footed the 99 cents and got one.  Actually, I got 2 .. never know when you’ll need a spare.

So last evening I grabbed the prop, telephoto lens and husband, then headed outside for our mustache man photo shoot.  Earlier, I had come across this post from I heart faces on creating a blurry background with a kit lens, a very easy read with some great example pictures.  The main tip is to  1.  Get the subject as far away from the background as possible and  2.  Back up, fully zoom in on the subject, and then step closer until the subject fills the frame.  I did just that.

1/40  f5.6  200mm  ISO100  A

I would add a tip #3 to this – when using a telephoto lens that is zoomed to the max, keep a steady hand.  It’s something I still need to get used to.  The focus on the above pic is off, and I’m thinking it’s due to the slight movement in my hand.  Too bad.

But this one is the winner this week, my artificial (facial hair) photo:

1/30  f5.6  200mm  ISO100 A

Looking almost as thrilled as the guy on the packaging to be wearing this fake mustache. And who wouldn’t be?

(Special thanks to my model for being a good sport, as always 🙂 )