1/25  f4  24mm  ISO400 A

After a long hunt, I have finally found the camera bag.  It’s a smart one, a marriage of both style and practicality.  And we all know, those 2 hardly ever come in the same package.  Which is what makes this the camera bag.  Hard to believe now that it was my second choice …

Back in March, I had my heart set on the teal Epiphanie Clover bag.  Trying to justify the price, I reasoned it is a camera AND laptop bag.  Even though it was on backorder for 2 months, I gave up my credit card number and waited patiently.

And so last week my Epiphanie bag finally came.  As soon as I opened the package I fell in love with the teal color.  But then I pulled the bag out of the box, and it was big.  Large. Ginormous actually.  Which makes sense, the bag can hold both a laptop and your camera. My bad for not thinking that one through.  I couldn’t see myself just grabbing the bag and casually heading out the door. It was a great bag, but unfortunately not for me.  I got my RMA number, headed to the UPS store and sadly shipped her back.  But I know she’ll go to a good home now.

In the meantime, mission ‘find the camera bag’ was back on.  It helps to know what you’re looking for, so I thought it through.  I wanted a bag that:

  • doesn’t look like the typical camera bag (stylish). Also, no screaming “I have an expensive camera in here!” (practical)
  • allows me the ease to bring with me anywhere (practical).  And wear with anything (stylish).
  • also gives room for the other essentials (practical) – money, credit cards, iphone.  But not much else.

Enter the Kelly Moore Posey, my practical and stylish bag:

1/25  f4.2  26mm  ISO400  A

The main compartment has just enough room to fit my Nikon D3000 (placed sideways) and an extra lens. The top zipper on the outside is a nice home for my iPhone.  And the front flap?  Room aplenty for money, credit cards, and extra memory.

1/25  f4  24mm  ISO400 A

I love all the different ways you can wear this bag.  Put the flaps up and hold the handles (pictured 2 above). Keep the flaps up and wear the cross strap:

1/50  f4  20mm  ISO400  A

Or, pull the flaps down and wear the cross strap:

1/60  f4  20mm  ISO200  A

The Posey fit all the criteria I was looking for.  This was worth the splurge, definitely a well thought-out bag.  I look forward to carrying my camera with me way more often than I would have in the past.  Thanks Kelly Moore for designing an awesome bag!!