I had to turn to co-worker Evil Bendy to demonstrate anger for my weekly photo challenge shot

1/30  f5.6  50mm  ISO400 A

Evil and Good Bendy came to the office as project mascots well before my 8 years in tenure, and are still regular fixtures in cubes of the “old timers”.

1/40  f5.6  55mm  ISO400 A

Naturally, a big fancy camera in the middle of a cube farm makes people curious as to what one is doing.  For the sake of my photo, there was lots of discussion going on yesterday of things that would induce feelings of anger around the office.  Such as –

1.  An empty coffee pot sitting on a lit burner

 1/25  f3.5  18mm  ISO400 A

I enjoy a cup of hot green tea each morning, so I can’t comment on this.  But I will say the coffee drinkers of the office got very intense when describing this situation.

2.  Someone not refilling the paper in the printer

1/25  f4.8  32mm  ISO400 A

Ranks right up there with ‘PC load letter’ error message when you’re in a hurry and need your print out.

3.  The dreaded voicemail light

 1/20  f4.5  28mm  ISO400 A

A personal nemesis of mine.  It’s rarely good news waiting, more likely an issue that needs immediate attention.

4.  Energy Police calling card

 1/15  f5.6  55mm  ISO400 A

 These things drove us batty.  A sticker that appeared magically on our computer monitors, when we weren’t looking, from the mysterious energy police.  Really.

And there are a ton more, but since I strive to be a positive person, let’s not dwell too much on them.  I got my photo for the week.  Looking forward to moving onto a new subject to shoot!