1/50  f3.5  18mm  ISO200 A

I had a couple different ideas for photos to demonstrate ‘open’, but felt this one told the best story:
the open hood of our 2005 Subaru Legacy.  Look closely and you may notice a spec or two of dirt.  To be expected though, as she reached a major milestone last weekend

Photo credit – hubby via iPhone4 camera

100,000 miles – that is alot of engine startups

1/8  f5.3  45mm  ISO200 A

Being Mr. Barkley’s motor vehicle of choice, that is alot of rides to the park

1/50  f3.5  18mm  ISO200 A

(And in case you’re curious, that’s not necessarily where he always rides … he prefers to “surf” actually)

1/80  f4.5  18mm  ISO400 P

So back to my story, 100,000 miles – that’s alot of Bulldog surfing.  As evident by the permanent claw marks on the console

1/13  f3.5  18mm  ISO200 A

It’s alot of car vacuuming, washing, and shining

1/100  f3.5  18mm  ISO200 A

And here’s hoping to 100,000 more {payment free} miles.  Go Subaru Legacy, go!