Now I realize you are visiting “the dSLR newbie” – not “the iPhone camera newbie.” However, there is an important dSLR lesson to be learned here:  always bring extra memory cards.  Or at the very least, bring a memory card.  Do you see where this post is going?

I headed out Saturday evening camera bag and camera in tow, but remembered a bit too late that the memory card was still at home in the USB reader.  So naturally I saw inspiration for ‘shadow’, this week’s photo challenge subject, EVERYWHERE.

Rather than wallow in my lack of fancy camera, I took my husband’s advice and started snapping with the iPhone.  After a friendly geek-off of who’s iPhone camera was better (his is the 4, mine is 3GS – his won that battle hands down), I decided to steal his 4 for the night.

It’s the first time I really played with the iPhone 4 camera, and must say, I was impressed with the little guy.  5 megapixels? An HDR option on the camera?  Can’t wait to see what Apple does next.

I had fun capturing the evening with my “borrowed” iPhone camera.  It was photography simplified.

And an unexpected lesson I hope to remember the next time I’m out shooting with my dSLR (um, and memory card) – don’t think so much about finding the perfect camera settings, but rather just simply the art of capturing a good shot.  And I believe I did so, with my “shadow” photo submission for the week: