A state park may be an odd choice to find a ‘person’ picture for this week’s photo challenge, but it’s just what happened for me.  Earlier this week, my husband and I went on a totally impromptu day trip.

1/200  f3.8  22mm  ISO200 A

Which provided some much needed time in nature, away from our desks

1/320  f4.2  26mm  ISO200 A

And also gave me the chance to check out some real (not fake) waterfalls

1/4  f20  18mm  ISO200 S

1/5  f25  22mm  ISO200 S

1/6  f18  55mm ISO400 S

As I was snapping, I noticed a something in my frame.  My first reaction was to stop, until I realized that something was a person … which is exactly what I needed a photo for this week, score!  This photo is interesting to me because you can get a feeling of just how big they the waterfall is, thanks to the person.  So here’s my ‘person’ photo for the week

1/6  f29  23mm  ISO200 S

I owe a huge thank you to my tamarac bag and black rapid strap for keeping my camera dry and safe .. so yes the camera geek in this picture is me:

photo credit:  Tom + iphone4

And as the post title suggests, there’s more where that came from.  Sing along with Jack Johnson now, pictures of people taking pictures of people taking ….

1/20  f5.6  18mm  ISO400 A

1/15  f5.6  18mm  ISO200 A

photo credit:  Tom + iphone4

High five for a great day outdoors!

1/80  f5.6  18mm  ISO400 A