Anyone that watched the 2010 world cup is very familiar with a vuvuzela and the charming noise that it makes. It’s pretty tough to focus your concentration with that loud monotone honk going on. Not something you’d expect to find around an office, right?

Well guess what – mine not only has one, but it’s orange. And it caught my eye when I went hunting for the color challenge photo this week.

I had a vision, so I grabbed my knowledgable and willing photo friend to assist in the execution (Thanks Andy!). I wanted a photo of a person blowing into the vuvuzela, but with the camera focused on the open end of the horn. Reason being, the intention of my photo is to represent orange. Here it is

1/250  f5.6  150mm  ISO100 M

It’s what I had in mind, with the added bonus that Andy is showing we were having a good laugh during our shoot. Which makes me wonder, did I misthink the focus? Could this be a better picture if I had put Andy in focus instead? Would it still say ‘orange’?

Here’s a shot that Andy took when I handed him my camera to play. He took a class on portrait photography and it shows (“fill the frame” he coached me), I didn’t touch this one with the crop tool. I’m in focus and the vuvuzela is not – but it’s still prominent in the photo.

photo credit – Andy

Lastly, here’s one with the focus on the handle of the vuvuzela. While fuzzy, the open orange end is still prominent –

1/250  f5.6  200mm  ISO100 M

Though my eye lands on different spots in each of the photos, they all represent orange to me. I can’t say that one is “right” over another, so I chalk it up perhaps to viewer preference. What’s yours?