While trying to come up with an idea to capture ‘small’ for this week, I thought back to high school when I was goofing off with some friends in a park with a camera.  We set up one of those shots using 2 people where 1 person is directly in front of the camera and holding out their hand.  The other person is in the distance, therefore looking smaller in comparison to the first person, and positioned to appear as if they are actually being held in the first person’s hand.

In my unending quest for photography wisdom, I learned that this form of photography is called forced perspective.  I found all kinds of fun examples of it here .  Seriously, check it out.  The picture of the girl dangling her dad is hilarious!

So for this week I decided to take my 2 favorite subjects and have some fun with forced perspective photography.  Barkley is obviously close to the camera and Tom’s off in the distance being coached to do silly things by me (hands above your head!  duck!  climb!)  We had to move fast because there are so many exciting, distracting things for a bulldog in the park.  Here’s the best of the batch –

1/80  f22  18mm  ISO400 A

1/60  f22  18mm  ISO400 A

1/80  f22  18mm  ISO400 A

The middle picture, with the slobber string hanging down and Tom “ducking” under a flower for cover is my favorite and will be my submission for the week.  The next time I try this, I would move the small person closer.  And also try to find a location without the tree line so apparent, and one with a better mowed field.  But this was a fun shoot, the resulting pictures make me laugh.  And count my blessings that even though he appears it sometimes, my dog really isn’t that big …