1/6  f5  18mm  ISO800  A

I’ve been looking forward to this concert all summer!  Last night I saw Death Cab for Cutie perform at Stage AE (American Eagle) in downtown Pittsburgh.  And it did not disappoint. They were amazing live, sounding the same if not better than their recordings, a true testament of a great band.  The songs were nonstop.  And I challenge you to find an instrument that Ben Gibbard does not know how to play.

My photography plan for the night was to take photos of a few songs, then enjoy the rest of the show.  I packed my camera bag with both of my lens.  I wanted my kit lens to get some wide angle shots of the stage and city line, as achieved in the picture above (and a small thank you to the bathroom trailer steps for giving me some height for that shot).  But I also wanted to get some close up shots of the artists, which warranted the telephoto lens

1/125  f5.6  200mm  ISO800  S

Yes 200mm only got me that close, my “seat” being good old general admission lawn. Which actually wasn’t that bad.  My view to the front –

1/125  f5.6  24mm  ISO800  EV-2  A

And behind, the Steeler’s Heinz Field.  This really is the best concert venue I’ve been to.

1/125  5.6  18mm  ISO800 EV-2  A

I took some shots from my spot, but also moved around to get some different perspectives.  I got a little closer for the opening band, Frightened Rabbit.  (Yes I will be downloading some songs by this Scottish indie rock band.  They were awesome!)

1/125  f5.6  55mm  ISO800  EV-2  A

1/80  f5.6  20mm  ISO800  EV-2  A

It was interesting to notice the changes from photographing a band in the day versus night.  In the above pictures I had no problem with finding enough light, and I had to actually bump down the exposure compensation to make the photos not appear so blown out.  Aperture priority most definitely did not work for the night time, I needed a quicker shutter speed.  I was comfortable around 1/125, and I tried to time the shots during some good stage lighting

1/125  f5.6  200mm  ISO800  S

1/125  f4.2  75mm  ISO1600  S

1/125  f4.5  100mm  ISO1600  S

I think this last photos sums up the night – fantastic concert, fun photography, and a great venue.

1/10  f5.6  55mm  ISO800 M