1/640  f10  18mm  ISO400 A

I found my shot for this week’s photo challenge as I was coincidently waiting in line for a dinner table.  Grabbing a quick bite before the concert was a challenge, so Tom and I put our name in at the Rivertowne North Shore and went for a walk along the river as we waited.  We came across this pier that overlooked the water.

1/200  f10  29mm  ISO400  A

We walked closer and grabbed a bench.  I couldn’t help but admire the lines of the structure, so out my camera came.

1/1250  f10  18mm  ISO400  A

Though if you look, you can find lines {and bridges in Pittsburgh} everywhere.

1/500  f10  24mm  ISO400  A

Our table was soon ready and we left the pier.  But we were happy for the distraction of taking photos of lines while waiting.   In line.