1  f18  18mm  ISO800  EV-2  S

I wanted to share attempt #2 of fireworks photography.  This time was more of an impromptu display, catching the Pittsburgh Pirate’s infamous SkyBlast while leaving Stage AE last week.

In other words, I was stuck without my tripod and remote.

Trying to avoid camera shake was a challenge, but one I was well aware of before I started.  I tried to combat it by using a shutter speed of only 1 second (as opposed to 3 -5 I was using with the tripod), and propping my elbows along the parking garage’s 9th floor balcony.

1  f14  18mm  ISO800  EV-2  S

1  f22  18mm  ISO800  EV-2  S

Which worked out ok, I got a few good images from a very large batch.  But let’s just say I’m not parting with my tripod and remote any time soon …