This week called for a photo walk along my favorite street in the city.

1/400  f11  55mm  ISO200 A

Filled with boutiques, restaurants, bars, and coffee shops, it’s easy to see why I called Shadyside home for nearly 6 years right out of college.  Had we been able to afford to buy a new, modern home here, I would still be living in this zip code.  Suburbs 1, Urban 0 on that battle.  But it’s ok – we still visit.  Often.  And this time it was with a camera in hand.

1/250  f11  24mm  ISO200 A

I decided upon aperture priority and didn’t change the settings once, which seems right from what I’ve read about street photography. You don’t want to waste time fiddling with camera settings, else you risk missing your shot .  This also meant a bit more time post-processing, but a bump of exposure and a pinch of highlight adjustment never hurt.  Nor does a slide of saturation to make it appear as if it weren’t an overcast, grey Pittsburgh-kind-of-weather day.

1/250  f11  18mm  ISO200 A

My strategy for street photography was to set my shot up based on the surrounding areas – buildings, trees, streets, etc.  Then allow for people to just pop into the shot.  I liked this non-obtrusive style and was much more comfortable walking around with my camera, as my intent wasn’t to capture photos of strangers, but rather the architecture of the town.

I took many shots, but pictures that stood out to me had some point of interest.  Such as a person walking.

1/320  f11  18mm  ISO200 A

Or a pug sitting in her storefront window.

1/320  f11  20mm  ISO200  A

Or both.

1/250  f11  18mm  ISO200 A

Crouching down to the ground and shooting up produced more interesting building photos.

1/320  f11  18mm  ISO200 A

1/160  f11  18mm  ISO200 A

And sometimes scenes played out all on their own.

1/250  f11  40mm  ISO200  A

But the photos from the batch that ranked to the top for me were all about framing.  Such as this one with flowers filling the foreground.

1/320  f11  18mm  ISO200  A

I kept coming back to the photo below, which helped the decision in making it my submission for the week.  I like the balance of the trees & awning, the reflection in the window, and how your eye follows Walnut Street down the photo.

1/200  f11  18mm  ISO200  A

Until next time, Shadyside!