While trying to come up with a photo for this week’s challenge, I thought back to one of my favorite NBC TV shows, Parks and Recreation. The scene in particular where Ron helps April with her photography assignment: “Encapsulate the spirit of melancholy. [he grabs camera] Easy. [snaps picture of a desk] Boom, a sad desk. [snaps picture of wall] Boom, sad wall. It’s art. Anything is anything.”

So this week I took the Ron Swanson approach to photography. I walked around the house, stopping at interesting textures and colors. Snapped a picture of the bamboo blinds.

1/60 f3.5 18mm ISO400 EV2 A

Boom. Abstract. Fern leaf?

1/640 f5.6 55mm ISO200 A

Boom. Abstract. Decorative twigs in a Tiffany champagne glass?

1/1250 f5.6 50mm ISO200 A

Boom. Abstract. And my favorite – looking down into the stem of a plant

1/125 f4.8 32mm ISO200 A

You guessed it – boom. Abstract.