1/125  f5  135mm  ISO200 A

Food is something that looks easy enough to photograph – it doesn’t talk back, usually doesn’t move, and looks delicious in real life – but the reality is food photography presents many challenges.  This being my first “official” go at it, I focused my efforts on only two of those challenges:  angle and lighting.

I recently took an intro photography class and remember the instructor advising to use back-lit natural light when at all possible with food photography.  So I staged a table in front of my sliding glass doors when the afternoon sun came pouring in. Also, a DPS post guided me to avoid shooting down at the food, and instead aim the lens at plate level or slightly above.

1/80  f5.3  175mm  ISO200 A

I like the natural glow of the lemon, but I wasn’t sold on it.  So for comparisons sake, I brought my self-made light box into the equation.

1/30  f5.3  175mm  ISO800 A

Definitely more yellow in color.

1/40  f5.3  160mm  ISO800 A

But I prefer the depth that the natural light photos provide.  If I was looking for inspiration to cook with a lemon, the first few photos are more appealing.  Still, it was fun staging inside the light box.

1/60  f5.3  160mm  ISO800 A

If you’d like to see some examples of good, delectable, mouth-watering food photography, head over and visit my buddy Michelle of Brown Eyed Baker.  I usually read her posts with my morning tea and wish her sweets would magically pop off of the screen into my mouth .. now wouldn’t that be a breakthrough in digital photography?!