Rain, rain, and more rain.  That’s been the weather around here lately.  I was beginning to wonder what I would find for the photo challenge this week.  Then I drove by this pearl of wisdom.

1/400  f5.3  42mm  EV1  ISO200 A

The Hot Dog Shoppe, serving chili dogs and a dose of motivation.  An incredibly random, but decidedly true message.  And so I came up with an idea – one that would capitalize on all of this rain and gray and gloominess, but would also call for me to play with my freshly downloaded Photoshop Elements software.

A few props were needed to execute my plan – tripod, wireless remote, shelter for my camera, and a crazy, happy umbrella.  I managed to wrangle it all together over lunch today.

1/60  f8  18mm  EV1  ISO200  A

While the wireless remote does come in handy, I perhaps one day should splurge for one that is not infrared.  Keeping the remote in line of site of the camera AND out of the picture, while hitting the release button is indeed tricky – see above picture.

But a few dozen takes did the trick.  I finally got the shot I was after.

1/125  f8  18mm  EV1  ISO200 A

Then a quick google search on PSE selective coloring brought me to a clear and easy tutorial that I was able to surprisingly finish in maybe 5 minutes.  Love it when an idea comes to life.  A pop of color and a smile in the midst of grayness.  I share with you, my happiness