To help demonstrate ‘triangle’, I turned this week to my parents’ 4 month old puppy.  Meet Bruno:

1/25  f4  55mm  EV1  ISO800  A

His hobbies include …

… eating any and everything he shouldn’t

1/15  f5.3  175mm  EV1  ISO800  A

… getting to know our favorite bully

1/25  f4.2  80mm  EV1  ISO800  A

… walking on 2 hind legs (sometimes while getting to know our favorite bully)

1/40  f4.8  125mm  EV1  ISO800  A

… and flexing those adorable, big ol’ Boston Terrier bat ears

1/25  f4  55mm  EV1  ISO800  A

I’ve  found it difficult to capture a crisp, clear shot of the 2 dogs together.  A 76 lb. bulldog and a happy, hyper, new puppy move at – not surprisingly – two totally different speeds.  Also factor in it was nearing twilight when I took these shots, so the light situation wasn’t optimal in the backyard.

Once the dogs started to play I grabbed the camera, not paying much attention the dial was still on aperture priority. Note the shutter speeds – waaaay too slow.  Not happy with that or the results.  I’m guessing even if I tried a faster shutter speed, the pictures would’ve been too dark.  Better lens and lighting needed?  At the very least, I can guarantee more play dates.