The prompt for this week’s photo challenge was “game”, so I found it fitting to submit a photo of one played in my house nearly every night:  keep-away.

1/100  f1.8  50mm  ISO400  A

In the above photo I’m the one losing, as the objective is to keep the ball away from Barkley.  It turns into a completely different game after he gets the ball and does a victory retreat to his base (ahem, my couch).

1/50  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

Not to brag, but I’m typically pretty good at this keep-away game.  Perhaps the reason I was losing this particular night is that I was also having fun playing with {drum roll} my new 50mm f1.8 fixed lens, hurray!

I’ve been wanting a lens that’ll help me easily capture the everyday – around the house, restaurants, parties, etc.  Note all of the aforementioned places typically have low lighting.  So I bought the widest aperture my birthday money could afford me.  It’s my first fixed lens, and I’m still getting used to the fact that I now have to use my feet to zoom.  But I love that big wide aperture.  I could’ve never gotten the above shots in my living room with out it – I’ve tried.

This lens has officially turned me into a depth-of-field junkie.  I promise I’ll shift the dial off of f1.8 sometime … just not yet.

1/60  f1.8  50mm  ISO400 A