It won’t be long before the leaves turn majestic shades of oranges, yellows, and browns.  With the approach of fall, green will soon be a forgotten color.  But not this week, at least not if you’re navigating your way through a photo challenge.

1/400  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

Yes ‘green’ was the word of the week and I decided that called for a short photo walk through the park.

1/125  f1.8  50mm  ISO800  A

Though I didn’t linger for long because it’s unfortunately high allergy season for me.    And I may have forgotten to charge my camera battery.  Let me say, one bar of batter power makes you pretty selective in what you choose to photograph.  I knew however that I wanted to get a shot up at a specific cluster of trees that I’d spotted on previous trail walks.

1/125  f8  18mm  ISO800  A

I had brought my wider angle kit lens just for the shot.    What I didn’t account for was the sun setting on the opposite end of the park. Those very same trees I wanted to photograph created a canopy of darkness!  Auto white balance wasn’t cutting it either.  So I tried the white balance setting of shade. Kept my ISO bumped up.  And did a 360 degree turn hoping to find a better-lit cluster of trees.  I wasn’t thrilled with this shot at first, but after a few minor adjustments post-processing it’s pretty close to what I was after.  And when you’re a photographer with allergies and a rapidly draining camera battery, sometimes that will just have to do …