Confession – I am a screenshot fanatic.  It started with my job, where a visual aid to supplement computer instruction is essential, and has carried into my personal life.  I seriously can’t get enough of computer snapshots.  So this week I combined 2 of my favorites.

Photography     plus a screenshot 

and added a little dash of Photoshop to create one magical home office photo.

1/5  f11  50mm  ISO400  A

Yes that display is flanked by two pretty lamps and his & hers MacBooks.  

Since my monitor has a pretty stellar refresh rate, I could’ve gotten a very passable shot SOOC.  To better demonstrate the need for a screenshot overlay, let’s use an iPhone screen example.

Here’s a shot of my 3GS.  The screen is legible, but notice the not-so-attractive glow.

1/100  f3.5  50mm  ISO800  A

Yes that precious bulldog face greets me every time.

We can do better.  A simultaneous click of the power and home buttons produced a screenshot of my iPhone lock screen.

I opened both the original picture and screenshot in Photoshop.  While working in the original photo, I created a new layer and copied over the screenshot.

Then a bit of resizing, rotating, and image flattening happened to give me this.

This method lends itself to endless possibilities.  Maybe I want to have my alarm clock app displayed instead.

Or to commemorate the day (and my excitement since I’ve been holding out for this to upgrade), the Let’s Talk iPhone liveblog.

Screenshot fanatic I am indeed.