1/500  f5.6  190mm  ISO200  A

I attended the mighty Quips’ JV football game this past Saturday.  My camera was in tow, since my family was look ing for someone to get some shots of my cousin in action on the field.   It was a great experience not only to practice sports photography, but to see my cousin play;  this kid has some football skills I tell you!

1/2500  f5.3  165mm  ISO400  A

While I’m not super knowledgeable on all of the rules of football, I know enough to be dangerous.  My cousin plays the position of center, which I quickly learned has some very important jobs.  Such as snapping the football …

1/2500  f5.6  200mm  ISO400  A

1/1600  f5.6  200mm  ISO400  S

… and then blocking.  (The next shot will also be my submission for this week’s photo challenge subject of ‘traffic.’  I looked it up in the dictionary.   People traffic is totally legit.)

1/1600  f5.6  200mm  ISO400  S

A majority of my shots were attempts to get my cousin doing his job on the field.  But I also pointed my lens to the sidelines.

1/1250  f5.6  200mm  ISO400  A

1/1600  f5.3  160mm  ISO400  S

1/1600  f5.6  20omm  ISO400  A

And looked for emotion on the field.

1/1250  f5.6  180mm  ISO400  A

I also was hoping for a closeup – without embarrassing him with a name shout, of course 😉

1/2500  f5.6  180mm  ISO400  A

I got as close to the field as possible, and as mentioned earlier, was shooting with my 55-200mm telephoto lens.  I used continuous shooting and 3D tracking modes to up my chances of capturing my moving subjects.  Also due to the beautiful, bright sunlight that morning, I sometimes shifted from auto white balance to sunny (depending on the field position of the play).

Overall I’m happy with the results of my first football game shoot, ending up with some fun shots and a definite appreciation for the work those players do!