1/500 f8 18mm ISO400 A

This was the very sight awaiting me atop the giant hill I drove my 1988 Mazda as a college junior on my way to an internship interview. The very sight that had me whisper aloud to myself, “I want to work here!” And I’m happy to say that for a short while, I did. 10 years have passed and companies have moved in and out of the campus, but the cluster of windowed, crooked buildings will always be known as “the Marconi Buildings.”

Having only a snapshot or 2 – most likely taken with, for shame, a disposable camera – I’ve been wanting to capture a proper photo of the unique buildings. This week’s photo challenge gave me the perfect excuse. I had hoped to go on my photo expedition over the weekend, but the weather did not cooperate. Blue skies and fluffy clouds were a must in my mind for this shot. So I settled for an evening after work. The campus was more crowded that I was comfortable with, but I still walked around and snapped away until I felt I had a sample large enough to get the shot I was after. Happily my efforts paid off, as I share with you my version of “square.”