Full disclosure, these photos were not taken within the past week;  I took them during the warm-ups of the October 15th Pittsburgh Penguin hockey game versus the Buffalo Sabres.

1/4000  f1.8  50mm  ISO400  A

However, this week’s photo challenge subject of “blue” inspired me to take a second look at a batch of photos I originally considered ho-hum.  Photos that weren’t awful, but just not great in my mind.  Something was missing.

1/4000  f1.8  50mm  ISO400  A

That something turned out to be the spotlight effect you see in all of these photos, the same technique I used to create my happy photo a few posts back.  Though it also took the inspiration of a deli and a run to realize it.

1/1000  f1/8  50mm  ISO400  A

Earlier last week, I noticed a picture of our quarterback superstar on display at a local deli.  It was a profile of Big Ben, the entire photo being black and white except for his helmet and jersey.  That photo just oozed with emotion to me.  Then, while out on my weekend run, I thought back to that photo.  And I had my idea for blue – I would apply the same effect to my almost forgotten hockey shots of the Penguins in their third jerseys.

1/2500  f1.8  50mm  ISO400

The results you see here.  These photos really tell a different story from the originals. The background noise has all melted away – even for the photos taken with a shallow focus.  I feel they all pop with a high impact of emotion, and I now love these photos. Plus, since I edited them within this week, it’s totally acceptable to submit the above shot of Matt Cooke to the weekly photo challenge!