1  f10  48mm  ISO100  A

This candy bowl has been on my desk since last Halloween.  It entertained enough people that I decided to make it a permanent fixture throughout the year.  “Creepy Hand”, as my co-workers affectionally call it, does just what you might (or might not) expect.  Upon removing a piece of candy from the bowl, the hand moves and says one of it’s choice phrases – “Not that piece!” or “It’s moooo-vvving!” are two favorites.  By using a tripod and slow shutter speed, I was able to display the movement and creepiness in this next photo.  You’ll have to insert the voice on your own.

2  f16  28mm  ISO100  S

How does this satisfy a photo requirement of the word “half”, you ask?  It depends.  This could be a photo of “half” of a limb.  Or, is the candy bowl “half” empty or “half” full?  You decide.